Hamilton County Slip and Fall Lawyer

Accidents happen when property owners, managers, or landlords do not notice present dangers. Fortunately, Tennessee has laws in place that make these property stewards responsible for visitors’ safety.

If you lost fell and sustained injuries on someone else’s property, a Hamilton County slip and fall lawyer is ready to explore your claim for financial compensation. A seasoned personal injury attorney could help you recover the money you need to pay bills and take care of your loved ones while you are out of work.

Grounds to Recover Compensation After a Slip and Fall

Property owners, managers, and landlords who fail to maintain, monitor, or warn those visiting their property about slip and fall dangers could be held liable for any injuries the visitors sustain. Among other reasons, falls often occur because of the following:

  • Slippery items dropped on floors
  • Uneven floor levels that are not marked
  • Icy or wet surfaces
  • Parking lots and walkways that are not well lit
  • Shaky staircases

The parameters of a slip and fall case are nuanced. For instance, if a fruit is left on a grocery store floor for hours, and a customer slips on it, the store is more likely to be liable than if the fruit had only been on the floor for a few minutes before the accident. A dedicated lawyer in Hamilton County could help a party who fell determine fault in an accident case and pursue compensation accordingly.

What Does a Slip and Fall Attorney Do?

Once a local lawyer determines a negligence action against a property owner, manager, or landlord, is appropriate, they can implement a plan that supports a court action for compensation.

Gathering and Assessing the Evidence

A client’s case may include police reports, medical charts, witness testimony, surveillance camera footage, and the client’s version of what happened. Legal representatives review everything they believe will help the injured party prevail in court. Some evidence may reveal that the property owner, manager, or landlord knew about the hazard that caused the fall, which could help prove negligence.

Tailoring a Complaint to a Plaintiff’s Circumstances

Practiced lawyers use evidence in Hamilton County cases to draft complaints, which is the initial filing that alerts the courts about a slip, trip, or fall case. The complaint outlines the circumstances around the accident, including how the defendant’s negligence is responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries. The complaint also sets out the compensation necessary for a plaintiff’s recovery.

Negotiations in Hamilton County

Before a complaint is filed, a plaintiff’s legal counsel might negotiate with a defendant’s insurance carrier. If a suitable damages settlement cannot be reached, the lawyer can negotiate with the defendant’s legal team, who may want to avoid a trial after reviewing the evidence.

A Hamilton County Slip and Fall Attorney is Available Today

Slipping or falling on someone else’s property is more than embarrassing. It can result in serious physical injuries that can incapacitate you enough to miss work. It is even more frustrating if the accident was caused by a property owner, manager, or landlord who failed to correct or warn about a hazard.

A Hamilton County slip and fall lawyer could protect your right to receive compensation through the legal system. Reach out right away to schedule your initial consultation.

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