Hamilton County Bus Accident Lawyer

Many residents rely on buses or other forms of public transportation daily. Riders trust the bus will get them to work or other locations safely, and that is typically the case. However, when bus crashes do occur, they often result in severe injuries and damages.

There are many potential causes of these types of crashes. If the driver, bus manufacturer, or transportation company were negligent, you could have the legal right to hold them financially responsible with help from a skilled attorney. If you sustained injuries because of someone else’s careless actions, contact a Hamilton County bus accident lawyer to discuss your claim.

Common Causes of Bus Crashes

Bus crashes can occur for any number of reasons. However, some of the more common causes include the following.

Bus Driver Negligence

A careless bus driver could cause a collision in many of the same ways as passenger car drivers. A wreck may ensue if a bus driver operates a vehicle while distracted, fatigued, or under the influence.

Third-Party Driver’s Careless Actions

A third-party driver outside of the bus could also cause crashes. If the motorist is driving recklessly or with distraction, they could cause others around them to collide.

Transportation Company Negligence

It is not uncommon for the transportation company to be negligent in bus crash claims. Careless actions could include:

  • Hiring inexperienced drivers
  • Failing to provide proper training
  • Failing to keep up with bus maintenance

An experienced lawyer could help an injured victim review the facts of the Hamilton County bus crash for evidence of negligence.

Bus Manufacturer Negligence

Some bus collisions occur because of faulty equipment. In these cases, the bus manufacturer could be the liable party.

Public Transportation Claims are Complex

Bus accident claims are complex because there are often multiple defendants. Transportation companies also have their insurance companies and attorneys ready to fight on their behalf to prove they were not at fault. A seasoned Hamilton County attorney could thoroughly investigate the bus collision and build a solid claim.

Filing a Notice of Intent for Government Buses in Hamilton County

If a crash involves a government-operated bus company, the injured parties must file a notice of intent right away. If the injured and liable parties cannot agree on a settlement amount, they must file a civil lawsuit within one year in the case of government agencies.

The notice of intent must provide the extent of injuries and damages, how and when the injuries took place, and the total amount of compensation the plaintiff is attempting to recover. A local bus crash attorney could handle the notice of intent and negotiations. If the parties do not reach an agreement, a lawyer could also handle the legal work to file a civil lawsuit.

Civil Damages Awards Legislation

Under Tennessee Code Annotated § 29-39-102, there is no cap on the verifiable economic damages a person can collect. However, unless there are catastrophic injuries, the maximum non-economic damage recovery is $750,000. If there are catastrophic injuries, the total non-economic damages are $1,000,000.

When the court calculates damages, they will also consider the defendant’s percentage of fault and other third parties. They will subtract that percentage from the total award amount. A lawyer with experience handling public transportation claims in Hamilton County could help collect evidence to prove negligence and total damages.

Schedule a Consultation with a Hamilton County Bus Crash Attorney

Due to the size of vehicles, number of passengers, and lack of safety equipment, bus accidents often result in severe injuries and damages. Victims may need significant restitution to recover from physical and emotional trauma. However, successfully recovering compensation requires dealing with multiple parties in litigation or negotiations.

A Hamilton County bus accident lawyer could handle the legal work and negotiations while you focus on recovery. Contact Yates & Wheland to schedule a consultation if you sustained injuries on public transportation. There are strict timelines and legislation to follow, and you must act quickly to avoid problems or delays.

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