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The human brain is indescribably complex, and even cutting-edge medical professionals do not fully understand how the brain works and how all its components interact with each other and the body. Unfortunately, this also means that accidents resulting in severe head trauma often have permanent consequences, thanks to the difficulty that healthcare providers have in effectively treating brain damage.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that stem from another person’s negligent or intentionally malicious conduct could serve as grounds for substantial financial recovery through an ensuing civil lawsuit or settlement demand. If you wish to pursue this type of claim, reach out to a Hamilton County traumatic brain injury lawyer. At Yates & Wheland, an experienced catastrophic injury attorney could discuss your situation and help determine a plan of action.

How Negligence Can Cause Traumatic Brain Damage

Virtually any situation could lead to traumatic brain damage. However, TBIs are particularly common during the following scenarios:

Regardless of the cause of a TBI, civil liability for ensuing losses generally revolves around one or more parties being found legally negligent. In other words, party is guilty of breaching a duty to act in a reasonable and safe way, and directly causing the injury in question through that breach.

Establishing Liability for a Brain Injury

Importantly, any degree of comparative fault assigned to a plaintiff for causing or worsening their own TBI could result in a decreased amount of compensation. They could even be denied the right to recover anything at all. Assistance from a Hamilton County attorney can be crucial in establishing liability on someone else’s part, as well as proving that an injured plaintiff was not responsible for their own traumatic brain injury.

Recovering for Long-Term TBI Losses

Trauma to the head, neck, or face during a jarring accident or external impact can have various effects depending on the specific circumstances. A single mild concussion may have temporary symptoms and no lasting effects, while repeated minor TBIs or a moderate to severe injury could result in permanent losses of cognitive, motor, and/or sensory function.

Accordingly, comprehensive civil recovery for traumatic brain damage must account for both past and future damages associated with the injury. Support from a skilled lawyer in the area can be crucial to maximizing available recovery for a traumatic brain injury. An award could include both economic and non-economic losses up to the limits prescribed by applicable damage caps.

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Although the skull protects the brain from many minor impacts that could otherwise cause structural damage, more traumatic accidents can have potentially life-altering repercussions. In scenarios like this, recovery afterwards may be a matter of maximizing quality of life rather than completely restoring someone to their pre-accident condition.

In any case, an injured victim may face various medical and rehabilitative costs on the road to recovery. Representation from the knowledgeable attorneys at Yates & Wheland can ease the legal process of pursuing compensation for an injured person. A Hamilton County traumatic brain injury lawyer could work diligently to build the strongest possible claim and secure fair restitution for your suffering. Schedule your initial consultation today.

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