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Aside from being incredibly painful, high-degree burns can also result in long-term effects that can permanently alter the course of an injured individual’s life. If you suffer a burn because of another person’s negligence, civil litigation may be your best option for protecting your financial future and getting the resources you need to recover.

However, achieving a positive result in these types of cases requires guidance from a skilled personal injury attorney who has successfully handled similar cases before. By working with a Hamilton County burn injury lawyer at Yates & Wheland, you could more effectively pursue your claim while avoiding common legal pitfalls.

Recovering for First and Second-Degree Burn Injuries

The value of a claim based on a burn depends on the severity of the injury in question. For example, first-degree burns generally do not justify much recovery beyond basic medical expenses, since these types of burns only damage the outermost skin layer and heal completely on their own with minimal intervention. Some first-degree burns may not justify civil litigation at all since first-degree burns generally do not require professional medical care.

Second-degree burns, on the other hand, often necessitate medical intervention. These injuries involve damage to multiple skin layers characterized by blistering and substantial discoloration and may cause permanent scarring without prompt and appropriate medical care. A burn victim should reach out to a supportive Hamilton County attorney to discuss their circumstances and available options for recovery.

Unique Aspects of Third-Degree Burn Injury Claims

Third-degree burns are substantially more severe than first or second-degree burns. These injuries penetrate completely through the outer skin layers and cause damage to underlying fat layers, muscle tissue, tendons, and sometimes even bones. Burns of this severity may lead to permanent disfigurement even with immediate intensive care. Widespread and/or especially severe third-degree burns can even be life-threatening.

Catastrophic Burn Injuries

Third-degree burns that cover 40 percent or more of the face or of the body as a whole also qualify as “catastrophic injuries” under Tennessee Code §29-39-102(d). This classification of burn may allow for greater financial recovery. Under this statute, the cap on recovery for non-economic damages like physical pain, lost consortium, and lost quality of life is $1,000,000 for cases involving “catastrophic injuries,” whereas the cap for damages of this nature in other claims is $750,000.

A burn injury lawyer at our Hamilton County office could explain how this rule might affect recovery in a specific claim. Our attorneys could work to factor a burn victim’s economic and non-economic losses into a comprehensive claim for recovery.

Seek Help from a Hamilton County Burn Injury Attorney

Severe burns often make for uniquely complex civil claims, especially for plaintiffs without support from experienced legal counsel. Get the necessary support when pursuing the compensation you deserve for your suffering. Help from an attorney can make all the difference in seeking a satisfactory settlement or damage award.

At Yates & Wheland, a Hamilton County burn injury lawyer could stand by your side throughout every step of your claim. Our legal team is dedicated to tirelessly enforcing your rights and advocating for your interests. Call today to schedule a meeting.

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