Frequently Asked Questions about Chattanooga Adoption Requirements

When trying to adopt a child, it is natural to have several questions regarding the application process and how long it takes. We have compiled several questions and answers that could possibly shed light regarding any confusion or questions you have about the local adoption requirements. However, if you wish to gain more insight regarding the frequently asked questions about the Chattanooga adoption requirements, be sure to get in touch with a knowledgeable attorney for assistance.

Is there an Income Requirement for Adopting a Child?

In a contested case, the court will look at post-income and expenses to make sure that the parents have enough money to provide food, safety, and shelter. Though there is no specific amount of money required for adopting a child, the court will make sure that there is enough to provide the child with basic necessities.

In an uncontested case where there is an agreement with the parents, the court will simply require testimony that the parties are financially able to care for the child.

What Should Individuals Expect During the Home Study?

Individuals should expect somebody from the home study agency to come to their home, ask them questions about their living circumstances, and why they want to adopt a child. They would analyze related items such as income and expenses. They will also look at their home to make sure that it is safe and appropriate, and people can expect that the home study agency will file a report with the court with its findings.

What is the Purpose of a Home Study?

The purpose of a home study is to give the court an inside look of the person’s home to make sure it is safe. The judge does not talk to the adopting parents in a very in depth way like a home study agency does, so the court will rely on the findings of the home study to help the judge make a decision.

The home study typically takes about a day. As far as how long it takes for the agency to give the study to the court, it can vary. In cases where the person is related to the child, the court can be asked to waive the home study requirement.

What Would be Considered a Red Flag During the Adoption Process?

One of the biggest red flags that home study agencies look for is past criminal convictions. If it is believed that the individuals does not have the means to fully care for a child, a home study agency will undoubtedly take that into account as well.

If the respondent in an adoption case brings up mental health issues of the petitioner, the court may want that person to go through some type of mental health evaluation. There may be testimonies of medical health professionals required and that only becomes an issue if it is raised by one of the parties.

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