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Adult adoptions can be a confusing concept for some. Most of the time when people think of adoptions, they think of a family adopting a baby or a small child. Many people do not understand how an adult can be adopted or what the point is if a person is already of legal age.

However, adult adoptions are more common today than they ever have been. If you were raised by a stepparent, a grandparent, or someone else, you may wish to make them your official guardian later in life. This is possible through an adult adoption. Though, this act can be more than just a symbolic entering into a family. If an older individual wants to confirm inheritance rights for another adult, they could do so through this type of legal action.

If you are considering making another adult an official part of your family, reach out to a Chattanooga adult adoption lawyer. The experienced family attorneys at our firm could help file all of the legal paperwork to ensure the proceedings go as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

What Is Adult Adoption?

The transfer of all parental rights and responsibilities of a person who is over 18 years of age is an adult adoption. This kind of adoption is legal in Tennessee and the process is actually much simpler than the adoption of a child. An adoption of an adult, quite simply, just requires consent. If a person over the age of 18 wishes to be adopted by one or two parents, the court will likely approve—as long as the proper forms are filed and the correct legal procedures are followed.

A person does not have to go through the process of terminating the parental rights of other parties to be adopted by another willing family. Enlist the help of a Chattanooga adult adoption attorney to ensure all the correct legal requirements are met.

Why Might a Family Consider an Adult Adoption?

When an individual has been raised by someone other than their biological parents, such as a stepparent, they may wish to make their loved one’s parental status official later in life through an adult adoption. Or a couple who has played a critical role in a person’s life may wish to give them the gift of making them their legal children.

What Is the Difference Between Legal Guardianship and Adult Adoption?

Guardianship is a term that is synonymous with conservatorship in Chattanooga. A guardianship or conservatorship is when someone applies to be the conservator or guardian of an adult who is disabled, either mentally or physically.

If an adult is unable to handle their financial affairs and/or day-to-day necessities because of either a physical disability or some sort of a mental illness, an individual can petition the court for a conservatorship. Often in these cases the person filing for the guardianship is already related to the individual, like their biological parents or siblings.

While conservatorship is an action that gives a person the authority to make legal decisions for another who is inept, an individual does not give up their rights in an adult adoption. When an adult is adopted by someone else, they still maintain their legal freedoms and decision-making abilities. Adult adoption is often more of a symbolic gesture to make a person an official part of a family. Though, this act does give the adoptive parents certain rights should something terrible ever happen to their adopted child, such as a catastrophic injury in a car accident or a wrongful death. Learn more about the various legal implications and benefits during an initial consultation with an adult adoption lawyer in Chattanooga.

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