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Georgia law separates the crime of robbery into several types of offenses, including robbery involving compulsion, threats, or sudden snatching. It is important to be aware of the penalties that individuals may face if convicted of robbery in the state. It is also prudent to speak with a Fort Oglethorpe robbery lawyer if you have been charged with this type of crime.

A criminal attorney familiar with the body of laws and court procedures governing these types of cases would work tirelessly to fight for a favorable resolution to your case. A lawyer could explain the range of possible penalties applicable to robbery offenses in greater detail. An attorney could also identify any fundamental flaws in the case that the prosecution has launched against you that may work in your favor.

Overview of Fort Oglethorpe Robbery Crimes

Pursuant to Georgia Code § 16-8-40, robbery is defined as the act of taking something that belongs to another individual, whether through the use of menace, duress, or by snatching. Robbery that involves intimidating or menacing someone occurs when a person causes another person to be afraid that they will suffer bodily harm.

Robbery involving duress is when an individual forcefully absconds with someone else’s property. Someone may also be charged with robbery if they quickly snatch the property of another individual without the use of duress or menace.

Armed Robbery

Another type of robbery offense is known as armed robbery. Armed robbery is simply robbery committed with a weapon. It is important to note, that someone can be convicted of arm robbery even if they did not use a real weapon — any item that has the appearance of a weapon and is used during the committal of robbery could elevate a charge to armed robbery.

A second kind of armed robbery charge is armed robbery of a controlled substance. If someone illegally absconds with a drug and purposefully injuries someone while committing the robbery, this would constitute armed robbery of a controlled substance.

If someone has been charged with armed robbery, they should not delay to seek legal assistance from a Fort Oglethorpe attorney. The state law imposes much harsher mandatory minimum prison sentences for armed robbery than traditional robbery crimes. It is essential to retain qualified legal advocacy from the start of a criminal case to ensure that the best possible defense can be made.

Sentences for Robbery Offenses

The sentences levied by the court in the event of a robbery conviction would depend on the type robbery offense committed. Based on the nature of the robbery crime, certain minimum and maximum periods of incarceration would apply. For instance, someone who is convicted of robbery would face a period of confinement ranging from as few as 12 months all the way up to 20 years.
In the case of armed robbery, the minimum prison sentence is 10 years, but the judge could impose a sentence as high as 20 years or in some cases, incarceration for life. With regards to armed robbery of a controlled substance, a minimum jail term of 15 years would apply.

If robbery is committed against certain classes of persons, such as elderly individuals over the age of 65, a standard robbery charge would be accompanied by elevated penalties. For robbery against a senior citizen, the alleged offender would face a minimum confinement period of five years, and a maximum prison term not to exceed 20 years. A Fort Oglethorpe attorney could explain all potential penalties that a specific robbery charge could carry.

Seek Assistance from a Fort Oglethorpe Robbery Attorney

A Fort Oglethorpe robbery lawyer could provide the strong legal support and avid representation you need and deserve to defend yourself against criminal allegations. An attorney could evaluate your case in a confidential legal consultation and advise what next steps may be possible.

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