Cleveland Child Injury Lawyer

Children are among the most susceptible people to personal injuries in our society. We all do everything that we can to provide the protection that they need. Even so, simply being a child and interacting with the world exposes kids to many of the same dangers as adults. At the same time, certain hazards present an especially higher risk to children.

A Cleveland child injury lawyer represents the interests of children and their families in civil lawsuits designed to obtain compensation for injuries to minors. This could include demanding reimbursement for medical bills and demanding compensation for loss of quality of life connected to the incident. No matter how the damages occurred, a dedicated injury attorney at our firm could help you pursue justice.

Children and Personal Injury Law

The world is a dangerous place, and even the most cautious parents must still expose their kids to a certain level of danger. Doing nothing more than going about one’s usually routine exposes us to potential harm because of the poor choices of others. This applies regardless of our age. Therefore, children often suffer injuries in:

Most of these incidents are the result of accidents. Nevertheless, the law says that people who are responsible for causing them must provide financial compensation to their victims.

In general, children enjoy the same legal protection as adults. For example, the drivers of cars must take proper care to not cause harm to other drivers, passengers, bike riders, or pedestrians. The age of these potential victims has no bearing on whether others have an obligation to keep them safe.

Though, certain injuries may result from situations that are specific to children. For example, kids may suffer harm while visiting a summer camp due to faulty equipment or even the actions of abusive staff members. Similar hazards are present in schools, church groups, or while on playgrounds. A proactive Cleveland child injury attorney is ready to obtain the evidence needed to show that another person or organization was responsible for your child’s injuries and hold them legally accountable.

Filing a Child Injury Case in a Local Tennessee Court

Special rules apply if a child needs to bring a case to court to obtain the monetary damages that they deserve. Usually, plaintiffs in these cases have the sole ability to file a lawsuit in court. However, Tennessee state law also says that a child cannot be the plaintiff in a case. Therefore, parents or other legal guardians must always act on behalf of their minor children when seeking financial awards in court.

Meeting the time limit on these cases is also a vital step towards success. There is a law in the state known as the statute of limitations. Contained in Tennessee Code § 28-3-104, this law states that most lawsuits after injuries that affect children must be filed no more than one year after the incident. Even if a case has a strong chance of success, it may fail if a parent does not act in time. Thus, it is crucial to enlist the help of a skilled child injury lawyer in Cleveland as soon as possible after an accident occurs.

Reach Out to a Cleveland Child Injury Attorney to Protect Your Family

A personal injury can be a traumatic experience for any person regardless of their age. Still, the situation can be even more physically and mentally damaging when the victim is a child. It is important for the parents or guardians of minors understand the legal rights of children and how to pursue fair compensation.

A Cleveland child injury lawyer helps families understand their legal rights and pursue damages within the framework of the law. No matter the type of case, there is a time limit that you must meet in order to obtain recovery. Contact us today to see how we could help to bring peace of mind and financial stability back to your family after an accident.

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