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Whether it happens at high speeds on an interstate highway or on a quiet residential street, a motor vehicle collision can result in substantial financial expenses and personal inconveniences. In more serious situations, the physical harm that a traumatic wreck can cause may even persist for months—if not years—after the initial accident.

It can be difficult to recover fair compensation following a severe car crash without guidance from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. To secure the best chances a positive case outcome, retaining a Cleveland car accident lawyer should be your top priority.

Proving Fault for Car Crash Injuries

Motor vehicle operators owe everyone near them a legal “duty” to act responsibly and safely so they can minimize the risk of causing accidents. This obligation includes not only following applicable traffic regulations, but also watching out for fellow drivers and generally refraining from reckless behavior.

A person might violate this duty by breaking a traffic law, engaging in reckless driving, or simply not giving their full attention to the road and their surroundings. In this case, they could be considered at fault for any ensuing injuries and losses based on their own “negligence.” If a driver did something irresponsible that directly produced accident-related injuries, they could bear financial liability for every consequence of that incident.

Partial Negligence in Auto Wrecks

However, a car accident victim may be subject to reductions in the value of their final damage award if they are found partially to blame for causing or exacerbating the harm they suffered in a wreck. As a Cleveland car accident attorney could explain, plaintiffs found primarily at fault for their own injuries may even be prevented from recovering any restitution whatsoever.

Compensable Damages in Cleveland Car Accident Litigation

Through a successful lawsuit or settlement demand, a person injured in an auto wreck caused by another negligent driver may seek restitution for both economic and non-economic forms of harm.

Economic Damages

Economic damages in car accident claims generally include:

  • Expenses for past and future medical care necessitated by crash-related injuries
  • Car repair/replacement costs
  • Car rental fees
  • Lost work income

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are subjective in nature, and their value depends entirely on the unique experiences and needs of the plaintiff. A car wreck lawyer in the area could provide crucial assistance valuating non-economic forms of harm like physical pain, lost enjoyment of life, and emotional/psychological trauma. An experienced attorney could then work to demand fair restitution for those losses within the one-year filing deadline set by Tennessee Code §28-3-104.

Talk to a Cleveland Car Accident Attorney About Legal Options

Even if you have clear evidence proving someone else was to blame for causing your auto accident, turning that evidence into comprehensive civil recovery can be a deceptively challenging process. Without support from a seasoned legal professional, you may have difficulty recovering any restitution at all, let alone the amount you need to make up for both past and future losses.

A Cleveland car accident lawyer could be the ally you need to achieve the positive case result you want. Call today for a confidential consultation.

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