Aspects of a Chattanooga Intent to Distribute Charge

With the numerous aspects of a Chattanooga intent to distribute charge, it is undoubtedly beneficial to have legal representation at your side during these trying times. Attorneys could work on your behalf to mitigate these otherwise complex charges. Reach out today to start a consultation with an attorney who could protect your rights.

Charged with Possession and Intent to Distribute

An individual could be charged with both intent to possess and distribute if there are different drugs, but an individual charged with possession of a particular drug, like cocaine, and also possessing with intent to distribute that drug could only be convicted of one of those offenses. The lesser offense of possession would merge for an individual convicted of possession with intent. They would not be doubly punished if they were convicted of both. Similarly, the individual could only be charged with possession with intent to distribute and later be convicted of the lesser charge of possession through negotiations or a jury’s verdict.

Constructive Possession

Constructive possession means that the individual did not have the drugs on them but they had the ability to exercise control over the drugs. Drugs found in the back of a vehicle are often constructively possessed by the driver of the vehicle. Drugs found inside an individual’s home could be constructively possessed because the individual has control over the item. Constructive possession cases are easier to defend against than a case in which drugs are found on the individual’s hands, in their pockets, or in their backpack. Constructive possession requires facts and circumstances to prove that the individual did, in fact, exercise control over the illegal drug.

The Importance of an Attorney

An experienced drug possession lawyer knows the options that individuals might have when faced with a drug possession charge and how to navigate and possibly escape conviction. A skilled attorney could build an alleged offender’s case and maximize the chances of avoiding a lifetime of consequences from a drug possession conviction. Attorneys are a barrier between their clients and the prosecution and could help ensure that individuals do not make avoidable mistakes that could sink their case. A lawyer with years of experience handling these types of cases is an individual’s greatest asset when seeking a dismissal and exoneration. It is imperative for individuals to start working with an experienced drug possession lawyer as early as possible when they or their loved one has been arrested and charged with a serious drug possession offense.

Speak to an Attorney About the Aspects of an Intent to Distribute Charge in Chattanooga

While mistakes happen, there are certain alleged offenses that are seen as more deliberate than others. That does not mean that the charges you face are impossible to overcome or mitigate. Aspects of Chattanooga intent to distribute charges include the burden of proof that must be met by prosecutors. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to lessen the severity of the charges you have been accused of. With the help of an attorney, you could restore your future.

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