Chattanooga Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Although divorce carries the stigma of being contentious and unpleasant, that does not always have to be the case. If you and your spouse largely agree on issues surrounding the end of your marriage, a Chattanooga uncontested divorce lawyer could help you separate without major conflict.

An uncontested dissolution is beneficial for different reasons. In addition to saving time and money, it can also ease the transition away from married life. A compassionate divorce attorney could advise you on pursuing this type of divorce proceeding in a private consultation.

Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

There are plenty of reasons why an uncontested divorce could be beneficial compared to contested proceedings. In many cases, it is possible to complete the process relatively quickly. Although there is a minimum waiting period of 60 days before the court will dissolve a marriage, it begins to expire the date the petition is filed.


Uncontested divorces often offer the parties an element of privacy that contested divorces do not. When issues are contested, they are typically resolved at trial. These trials are public hearings, meaning anyone can access the details of marriage. Conversely, an uncontested divorce allows the parties to resolve their issues outside of the courtroom—often before the petition is ever filed.

Lower Financial Costs

The financial costs associated with uncontested divorce are also generally less taxing than other marriage dissolution methods. When it comes to litigation, attorneys often work by the hour. Without any disputes to resolve, an uncontested divorce is usually resolved with minimal court appearances.

A Chattanooga party could learn more about the benefits of an uncontested divorce by speaking to an attorney familiar and experienced with this method.

Requirements for an Agreed Divorce in Chattanooga

An uncontested, or agreed, divorce might sound like a viable idea for many couples, but there are strict limits on who can pursue it. The limits include a list of criteria, and failing to meet even one of these items will disqualify a couple. However, that does not mean divorce is not an option, only that they must seek it through a contested proceeding.

A lawyer serving Chattanooga residents could advise whether the conditions are met for a couple seeking an uncontested separation. An agreed divorce is only an option if both spouses:

  • Want to end the marriage
  • Do not have minor children together
  • Are not pregnant
  • Do not have retirement benefits
  • Do not own real estate together
  • Do not own businesses together

In addition to these factors, both spouses must agree on how to divide the property. If there is a conflict on any issues related to the division of property or debts, uncontested divorce is not an option.

The same residency requirements that apply to all divorces are in effect for uncontested divorces as well. One spouse must reside in the state for at least six months before the filing of the petition.

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An uncontested divorce is a best-case scenario for many couples planning on ending their marriage. While divorce is rarely easy, this process can eliminate any unnecessary stress, worry, or delay.

Before you pursue a traditional divorce, consider an uncontested dissolution. Schedule your consultation to talk to a Chattanooga uncontested divorce lawyer today to get started.

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