Marital Dissolution Agreements in Chattanooga

A marital dissolution agreement is a contract that finalizes a divorce case, and serves as a comprehensive guide for the end of a couple’s marriage. It includes the agreed-upon terms of the divorce and outlines the division of all of the parties’ assets and debts, custody plans, and spousal and child support payments. The goal of a good marital dissolution agreement in Chattanooga is to address all relevant issues to prevent future conflicts between the divorcing spouses.

This document is an important part of the divorce proceedings and you may require the assistance of an experienced lawyer to ensure that all of the terms are in order. A dedicated divorce attorney could examine your family’s situation to create a fair contract that benefits both parties.

How is a Marital Dissolution Agreement Defined?

A dissolution in Chattanooga can either be finalized by a mutual written agreement or decided by a judge’s ruling in family court. Uncontested divorces often end with the signing of a marital dissolution agreement (MDA). An MDA can be entered in a case at any point throughout the course of the proceedings. So, a divorcing couple can begin their divorce with the intention of creating this contract or they can reach an agreement after extended negotiation. Marital dissolution agreements can be reached up until the divorce hearing occurs.

What are Common Reasons to Enter a Marital Dissolution Agreement?

The majority of divorce cases in Chattanooga end with an MDA, as this option can be less expensive, time consuming, and stressful than undergoing a lengthy litigation process. Another benefit of choosing a marital dissolution agreement instead of letting the court make a ruling is the element of control that this kind of contract allows the divorcing couple. If a person is negotiating their marital dissolution agreement with their spouse through their attorney, they have a certain amount of influence over the outcome of their case. They can insist that certain terms are included and negotiate a settlement that both parties can live with.

If the couple decided to give their case to a judge, they would lose any control over the final outcome. If a couple cannot agree on key terms of their divorce, the judge who may only know them and their situation in a limited scope will make a decision that will permanently impact their lives.

There are circumstances in which a divorcing couple may want to avoid a marital dissolution agreement, usually if they have conflicting positions on certain terms that they are unable to compromise on, such as a parenting schedule. A skilled attorney in Chattanooga could work with the two spouses to find common ground on an impassable issue and ensure that every option for negotiation has been exhausted before pursuing litigation over the MDA.

Consult a Chattanooga Attorney Regarding Your Marital Dissolution Agreement

If you have filed for divorce and wish to end your marriage in an efficient and collaborative manner, discuss marital dissolution agreements with a Chattanooga lawyer. A knowledgeable legal professional could offer valuable guidance and help you resolve your case without extensive litigation. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and begin preparing your next steps.

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