Assault Investigations in Chattanooga

Chattanooga law enforcement takes assault allegations seriously and often thoroughly investigates allegations of domestic violence between partners, spouses, or other individuals in a relationship.

Even in the most minor assault cases, the police may look to mitigate their liability for any situation that could explode after they leave. In more serious cases involving aggravated assault and actual bodily injury, police and the District Attorney’s Office in Hamilton County may look to prosecute these matters to the fullest extent of the law.

If you have been accused of assault, it could be crucial to enlist the help of an experienced Chattanooga lawyer. A skilled battery attorney could fight for a favorable resolution to the charges against you and help mitigate the severe consequences associated with this offense.

Chattanooga Police’s Initial Response to Assault

If one of the individuals in a domestic situation makes an allegation that there has been an assault or battery, the police will often make an arrest. Law enforcement may be wary of leaving a domestic situation unresolved instead of acting in their official duties to alleviate the problem.

Many times, allegations of assault have only one witness, often the alleged victim. Police may respond to a 911 call for help whether it is from the alleged victim, a neighbor who hears loud noises, or a person who observed something out of the ordinary. Law enforcement may then interview the alleged victim and attempt to interview the accused party. They can gather a wide range of evidence to determine if the alleged victim is telling the truth.

It is important for an individual to remain silent if they are under investigation for an assault or battery in Chattanooga, as what they say can and will be used against them. If they believe they are being investigated for an assault, they should ask to speak with a lawyer.

The police often arrest an individual at the initial investigation stage, regardless of whether or not they choose to speak. Local law enforcement officers are trained to make an arrest following an investigation of physical violence.

Law Enforcement’s Investigation Procedures

It may be crucial for the accused party in an assault investigation to call an attorney in the area as quickly as possible to assist in mitigating the severe consequences of these charges. In the early stage of their investigation, the police will look to physical signs of injury from the alleged victim. They may take pictures, ask what occurred, and attempt to determine if the victim’s story matches the physical evidence. The police may also look around the house for damage to personal property, such as broken glasses or lamps, holes in sheetrock, kicked in doors, or any other signs of a struggle.

Beyond the perpetrator and the alleged victim, the police may interview neighbors and others who could have heard or seen aspects of the altercation. Police may ask for information from an individual’s cell phone, in the form of text messages and emails, to assist in investigating these cases.

An allegation and police investigation do not mean that an individual is guilty, however, and the accused party may not end up facing long-term consequences. A knowledgeable lawyer may be able to determine what evidence is admissible.

A Chattanooga Attorney Could Protect You from Assault Investigation to Trial

Assault investigations in Chattanooga, while often minor in the context of actual physical injury, can lead to serious long-term consequences. These charges can be even more severe in domestic violence situations, as the defendant could lose certain opportunities and rights upon conviction. The social stigma that comes with an assault conviction can have further reaching consequences and can lead to lost relationships between family and friends.

For these reasons, it is imperative for a person accused of assault to take all of the available steps to defend themselves and attempt to avoid a permanent criminal history. A skilled attorney could fight for your rights in and out of court and mitigate the serious penalties associated with this crime. Call today to schedule a consultation and begin preparing a strong defense.

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