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If have been charged with a sex crime, you should know that Georgia law views these types of offenses in an extremely grave light. Depending on the type of offense you have been charged with, you may be subject to very severe legal consequences in the event of a conviction. A Fort Oglethorpe sex crimes lawyer could help you build a strong defense if you have been charged with a sexual offense. A criminal attorney could review the details of your specific situation and build the most compelling defense possible that is tailored to your criminal case.

What is the Legal Process of Criminal Offenses?

The legal process for a sex-related offense in the state of Georgia often, but not always, begins with an arrest. If the accused is arrested, they could be admitted to jail right away or be obligated to wait in a holding cell before being admitted. Georgia Code § 17-6-1 authorizes judges to set bonds for individuals who are accused of certain types of sex crimes, such as aggravated sodomy or rape.
Depending on the nature of the crime of which the person is accused, the court may fix very steep bonds in an effort to prevent the individual from getting out of prison while they await trial. A sex crime lawyer in Fort Oglethorpe could assert a motion for bond with the court on behalf of the accused.

What Happens During a Preliminary Hearing?

During the individual’s preliminary hearing, the judge would review the charges against the accused to assess whether there is just cause to move forward with the case. It is vital that the accused have qualified legal representation on their side at each hearing for their case. Throughout the stages of a criminal case, the attorney may file a serious of motions on the accused individual’s behalf, such as a motion for discovery to obtain evidence pertaining to the person’s charges.

At trial, the prosecution would be required to show the accused party’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If the trial is a bench trial a judge would enter the final verdict, whereas in a jury trial, a group of jurors would be tasked with this responsibility. Under some circumstances, it may be advisable to negotiate a deal with the prosecution rather than proceed with a lengthy and expensive trial. An attorney would advise the accused regarding the most favorable solutions and options for the accused’s particular case.

Common Types of Sex Crimes and Penalties

Common types of sexual offenses charged in the State of Georgia include:

  • Sodomy
  • Child molestation
  • Pandering
  • Prostitution
  • Statutory rape
  • Solicitation of sodomy

The potential penalties someone may be subject to if convicted of a sex crime would depend considerably on the type of offense they are charged with and whether or not they have previously been convicted of a sexual offense. For example, a conviction for sodomy (see O.C.G.A. § 16-6-2), which is any type of sexual activity involving someone’s genitalia and another individual’s anus or mouth, is subject to a minimum jail term of 12 months and a period of incarceration not to exceed 20 years.

Another common sexual offense is pandering, which is when someone seeks another individual to engage in prostitution or puts someone in a specific location with the intention that they be sought by other people to engage in prostitution. If the person who was sought to engage in prostitution was younger than 17 at the time of the alleged offense, the person accused of pandering would be subject to a maximum prison term of five years and/or be required to pay up to $5,000 in fines. If the individual used force to compel someone else to engage in prostitution, they would face a maximum jail term of 10 years.

Persons convicted of certain sex offenses or sex crimes where the alleged victim is a minor would also be required to register as a sex offender. Individuals who have been accused of any of the aforementioned sexual offense or related crimes should consult with a Fort Oglethorpe attorney as soon as possible who could start building their defense.

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