Family Adversity Scholarship Winners

2021 Winner: Lina Marcela Tamayo

Lina Tamayo

My name is Lina Marcela Tamayo. I am Colombian-American born with a cleft lip and palate. I am currently a junior pursuing a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Adelphi University. I want to become a bilingual speech-language pathologist.
I feel relieved that I am the winner of the scholarship. This scholarship will help me achieve my educational goals without the worry of finances. This scholarship is going to help alleviate the financial pressures of my college expenses on my family. It will also help me graduate from college with less debt that will allow me to more fully pursue my aspirations. Your faith in me inspires me to continue to work to the best of my ability in my academics and pursue my passions knowing there are others also rooting for my success. I will use this scholarship to achieve my academic and career goals by putting it towards my tuition and fees and helping aid the cost of my attendance. Going into college, the cost of my education is very excessive, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to gain the knowledge and skills to become a speech-language pathologist. By receiving this award, I can worry less about my finances and dedicate more time to my education.

2020 Winner: Carla Villa

My name is Carla Villa, I am from Imperial Valley El Centro CA. I graduated from Imperial Valley College and obtained an Associates in Social Science and then transferred to Northern Arizona University where I completed my bachelor’s in social work. Perseverance keeps me on track and focused on my educational goals, knowing very well that this will help my family in the long run. I have decided to go to back to school this Fall 2020 and obtain my master’s in clinical counseling at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego CA. Now more than ever, I have to accomplish my educational goals and obtaining my master’s degree is my goal. I say this very strongly. I come from a very strong faith and if it were not for my faith, I would have given up years ago. I will keep staying strong now that I have family of my own. My husband and my 2-year son are my motor to keep on accomplishing my educational goal. I wanted to thank you for awarding me this scholarship. I was very excited to learn that I have been selected as a winner of the scholarship. I am appreciative of your support of my education.

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