Spousal Support Factors in Chattanooga

When a former couple is going through a legal separation, they may need to go through the alimony process, as well, to determine a fair and appropriate future for either spouse. In these cases, there are spousal support factors in Chattanooga that must be considered before awarding any payment. Fortunately, an alimony attorney experienced in this area could help you provide the necessary evidence and reach your goals while you navigate the process.

Explaining the Factors in Chattanooga

There are 12 factors that a court utilizes and considers in any determination of alimony, including pendente lite, in solido alimony, and in futuro alimony (i.e., periodic alimony). The 12 factors are listed below:

  1. Relative earning capacity, obligations, needs, and financial resources of each party, including income from pension, profit sharing, and retirement plans
  2. Relative education and training of each party, the ability and opportunity to secure such education and training, and the necessity to secure further education and training to improve earning capacity to a reasonable level
  3. Duration of the marriage
  4. Age and mental condition of each party
  5. Physical condition of each party, including physical disability or incapacity due to a chronic debilitating disease
  6. Extent to which it would be undesirable for the party with children to seek employment outside the home
  7. Separate assets of each party, both real and personal, tangible and intangible
  8. Provisions made with regard to marital property
  9. Standard of living the parties established during the marriage
  10. Extent to which each party has made monetary and homemaker contributions to the marriage, and tangible and intangible contributions by a party to the education, training, or increased earning power of the other party
  11. Relative fault of the parties, in cases where the court deems it relevant
  12. Other factors, including the tax consequences to each party, as necessary to consider the equity or fairness between the parties.

The process can be extensive and may seem stressful. However, a skilled attorney familiar with alimony cases could walk an individual through each factor to help them reach their spousal support claim and goals.

Spousal Support with No Defined Duration

A court always considers the 12 necessary factors and the necessary limitations for each party, but there are circumstances where an ex-spouse may be more likely to receive a spousal support award and with no defined duration. This could occur if the couple had a long marriage, the spouse being paid is likely to go out of work, or the spouse who is being paid has a disability. A qualified attorney could determine if an individual fits these categories and provide evidence to potentially persuade the court that payments are needed.

An Attorney Could Explain the Spousal Support Factors in Chattanooga

When filing for alimony during a divorce, it is crucial to follow the proper steps and have the necessary evidence for your claim while going through each of the spousal support factors in Chattanooga. Having a family attorney on your side could make the difference in persuading the court of your need. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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