Congratulations to Our 2023 Family Adversity Scholarship Winner!

 As lawyers, we have served many individuals who have been in hard situations, and we know how stressful it can be during those times. We admire people who are able to learn and improve when faced with struggles. Because of this, we offer our Family Adversity Scholarship each year to recognize students who have been through hard times with their families and have come out the other side a better person.

With so many incredible stories coming from across the country, it was difficult to chose our winner. After careful consideration, we are incredibly excited to announce the winner of our 2023 Family Adversity Scholarship, Lauren Menke! Please see below a short biography and reaction from our winner!

2023 Family Adversity Scholarship: Lauren Menke

Hi, my name is Lauren, and I am from Versailles, Ohio where there are more chickens than people. It was in my hometown that I first discovered that I loved my science classes. When I was in middle school, I lost my dad to sudden cardiac arrest, and this inspired me to become a cardiologist to prevent others from suffering from heart problems. I am now an undergraduate student at Case Western Reserve University where I major in nutrition while completing the pre-medicine requirements. My next step is medical school! Years of education come with a price tag, and I am relying on scholarships to pay for my schooling. I am very grateful to Yates & Wheland for helping me and other students achieve our dreams.

Thank you to everyone who applied to our scholarship, and please see below to recognize the past winners of our Family Adversity Scholarship!
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