How Custody Agreements Play Into the Holiday Season

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Many spend the holidays relaxing and spending time with family. To make the holidays as stress-free as possible, it is important for those who co-parent to have a custody agreement that works for both parties.

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Considerations When Finalizing a Child Custody Agreement

Child custody agreements serve to mitigate any confusion or tension around the child’s home life, but they can also determine schedules for holidays, birthdays, and more. Putting together a custody contract may be complicated, and most require some compromise to find the best arrangement for co-parents and children alike.

Child Custody Options When it Comes to the Holidays

There are multiple ways to split custody during the holidays. However, some of the most common include alternating years, splitting Christmas day and Christmas Eve, and traveling during breaks. Although there are numerous options to pick from, the most crucial consideration is what will make the child or children the happiest and what works best for the family.

Alternating Years

If parents choose to alternate years for holidays, they can easily schedule on and off plans with their children. A simple manner of splitting this model would be through one parent having all “even” years, while the other has all “odd” years.

Dividing Christmas and Christmas Eve

Co-parents could decide to split up Christmas for their children, meaning that one parent has the children on Christmas Eve every year, and the other has them on Christmas Day. Parents might also split the day, so one parent has the children during Christmas morning and the other has them Christmas night, should their locations make this option feasible.

Traveling for Winter or Spring Break

Another option to include in a child custody contract is to plan travel during winter or spring break. Having specific school breaks designated for traveling with both parents could help reduce complications later.

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