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The use of force or intimidation to take another person’s property directly from them is a felony called robbery. Robbery is a more serious form of theft that involves a weapon or threat of violence. If you are charged with robbery and are convicted, you could be sentenced to a lengthy prison term. Speaking with a Trenton robbery lawyer could help you fight for a positive outcome in your case. There may be aggravating factors that could lead to more severe consequences such as the use of a weapon, but an experienced criminal defense lawyer could help you protect your rights.

Defining Robbery and Armed Robbery

In Trenton, robbery is committed when a person steals directly from someone else by the use of force, intimidation, threats, or coercion. Threatening to batter an individual unless that person hands over all their cash is an example of committing robbery by use of intimidation. Sudden snatching such as grabbing an individual’s purse or wallet out of their hands is also a form of robbery.

Carrying out the crime of robbery while in possession of a gun, knife, or other weapon will result in a robbery charge being elevated to armed robbery. Armed robbery charges also include charges for the lesser offense of robbery by intimidation since a weapon is a source of intimidation and threat for most people. An attorney who knows Trenton robbery laws could answer legal questions about offenses involving robbery by force or intimidation, or with the use of a weapon.

Penalties for Robbery Offenses in Trenton

The punishment prescribed under the law for any robbery offense includes serving time in prison. A lengthier prison sentence is likely to be imposed when certain aggravating factors are present such as robbing an elderly individual aged 65 years or older. Further, additional robbery convictions when the defendant has prior convictions could result in harsher punishment at sentencing.

The punishment for committing robbery by force or intimidation, or by sudden snatching, is a prison sentence of up to 20 years with a mandatory minimum of one year. However, the mandatory minimum prison term is raised to five years when the victim is an elderly individual. The maximum prison term remains at 20 years even if the victim is over 65 years of age.

The law prescribes a minimum prison sentence of ten years for armed robbery or 15 years if drugs or controlled substances were stolen from a pharmacy while committing armed robbery. Depending on the presence of certain aggravating factors or prior convictions, a person could be sentenced to life in prison or possibly even face the death sentence for committing armed robbery. A Trenton lawyer who represents defendants in robbery and armed robbery cases could discuss various mitigating or aggravating factors that could result in a person being sentenced to either the minimum or maximum penalty mandated by law.

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Robbery is a serious felony criminal charge that is best fought with professional legal representation. Without an attorney on your side, it could be more difficult to avoid the severe ramifications of a conviction. A Trenton robbery lawyer could help you fight for the best possible outcome.

It is also essential to have legal counsel to ensure your constitutional rights are not violated during the investigation or subsequent legal proceedings. Contact an attorney today for help fighting the charges against you.

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