Side-Impact/T-Bone Car Accidents in Red Bank

Side-impact car accidents occur in two ways: either by sideswipes, which typically cause property damage but only minor injuries, and T-bones, which are direct hits into the doors on either side of the vehicle. T-bone accidents can be devastating or deadly, depending on the offender’s speed, because car doors are not reinforced as well as rear- and front-ends.

Even if you are a careful driver, obeying road signs, checking mirrors when changing lanes, and staying within the speed limit—accidents happen when another driver is not careful. If you are hurt because of someone else’s negligent behavior, a dedicated auto crash attorney specializing in side-impact/T-bone car accidents in Red Bank could seek compensation for your losses.

Frequent Causes and the Severity of Side-Impact Collisions

Vehicles brush or slam into the sides of other vehicles to cause side-impact wrecks, which the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says are responsible for about 25 percent of passenger vehicle deaths.

Sideswipe accidents in Red Bank usually occur when two vehicles travel side by side, and one tries to merge into the adjacent lane without noticing the other vehicle. The property and passenger damage from brushing against a car may be minimal, but tragedy could ensue if the driver loses control from the unexpected contact. Broadside or T-bone crashes are direct hits by one vehicle into another, usually catastrophic.

Some common causes of side-impact auto collisions in Red Bank include:

  • Driving distracted and failing to yield the right-of-way while merging onto a highway
  • Running a stop sign and careening into the side of a car emerging from the cross street
  • Making a left turn without paying attention to oncoming traffic
  • Failing to check side mirrors while merging onto Interstate 95

Side-impact crashes can result in:

An experienced Red Bank attorney understands the life-altering impact T-bone crashes cause and will seek an appropriate settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier or a fair damages award from a jury.

Recoverable Damages After a T-Bone Crash in Red Bank

Catastrophic car accidents—including T-bone crashes at high speed—often lead to extensive and expensive medical care and rehabilitation. Injured parties may be unable to continue at their jobs until they heal. Other bills continue to mount even if the person incurring them cannot work. The at-fault driver who caused the injuries should be responsible for compensating those they harmed.

Once a skilled attorney proves the defendant’s negligence, a jury will award an injured plaintiff compensatory damages divided into two categories: Economic and non-economic. Economic damages reimburse the plaintiff for monetary losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Non-economic damages put a price tag on emotional distress, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of consortium. A well-practiced lawyer in Red Bank could estimate damages for a specific side-impact wreck during an initial consultation.

When a Plaintiff Is also Liable

Often, accidents are not black and white when it comes to fault, and a plaintiff may have some culpability in causing one. Under Tennessee’s modified comparative negligence rule, Tennessee Code § 29-11-103, as long as the plaintiff is not more than 50 percent liable for the wreck, compensation can be awarded. The award will be reduced to the percentage of fault assigned to the defendant.

Seek Legal Guidance After a Side-Impact/T-Bone Auto Accident in Red Bank

If another driver’s car scrapes the side of yours, hopefully, all you incur is the cost of pushing out the dent and repainting the doors. Unfortunately, side-impact accidents also include T-bone crashes, which are often deadly and almost undoubtedly severe. In such situations, you can hold the at-fault driver responsible for your injuries and property damage.

Our team of seasoned legal professionals believe all injuries caused by others should be compensated, and we will fight to get you what you need to put your life back together and move forward. A dedicated lawyer is ready to assist you if you have been involved in a side-impact/T-bone car accident in Red Bank. Call now.

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