Temporary Child Support in Hamilton County

While a couple is going through a divorce, they are often living in different households. If the former couple has children, they may need to establish pendente lite, or temporary child support, until the divorce is finalized, and a long-term child support order is put in place. The court wants to make the process to file for temporary child support as simple as possible while you go through the legal separation with your former partner. However, it is still imperative to give proper evidence and file correctly to be successful.

If you are currently the primary caregiver of your children and are going through a divorce, you deserve support from your former spouse. To obtain temporary child support in Hamilton County, you must follow the proper channels and steps. Fortunately, a child support attorney familiar with this area of law can help.

Pendente Lite Order Process

Divorces have the potential to be drawn out for an extensive time, which can put the parent taking care of their minor children in a financial disadvantage. In these cases, that parent has a right to receive a temporary order of child support. By filing for pendente lite in court, the parent can still get financial help from their former partner during the course of the litigation.

Tennessee state legislature has issued a set of child support guidelines that have been condensed to a child support worksheet. A seasoned legal advocate could help the individual fill out the worksheet and provide evidence of their financial need. The attorney could also be a mediator for the individual to make the process less straining for everyone involved.

State Guidelines for Temporary Child Support

The state has a uniform set of child support guidelines that answer questions to streamline the process. Some of the guidelines include guidance on calculating child support arrears, labeling what is considered income and whether the income should be imputed to parties who are unemployed or underemployed, and more. The guidelines apply to the vast majority of child support cases to make the process simple for the parents. However, there are circumstances in which they do not apply, and a legal advocate could help the parent move forward in those cases if necessary.

Call a Qualified Attorney to Begin Filing for Temporary Child Support in Hamilton County

Filing for divorce can be a stressful and sometimes drawn-out process, so the courts in the state and the attorneys involved work to make the process for filing for pendente lite as simple as possible. Temporary child support in Hamilton County is possible with the help of a seasoned lawyer.

If you are trying to get child support as the primary caregiver while you wait for the finalization of your divorce, a skilled attorney could help. An attorney understands you need financial support, and they may be able to help you navigate the process with as little stress as possible to reach your goals. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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