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The obstacles that arise when adopting a child can be substantial. Despite these challenges, adoption can be one of the most rewarding things a person does in their lifetime. A dedicated family law attorney could help make an adoption a reality.

If you are considering adoption, it is risky to pursue the process on your own. A mistake at any point in the process could make success unlikely. Fortunately, a Hamilton County adoption lawyer could walk you through each step to maximize your chance to obtain your goal.

Requirements for Adoption

Adoption is a legal proceeding that both severs the parental rights of biological parents and grants rights to adoptive parents. To do so, adoptions must be approved by a court, and all applicants must meet certain requirements. A Hamilton County attorney could ensure all requirements for adoption are met to help the families reach their goals.

A person must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to adopt in Hamilton County and must also have been a resident of the state for at least six months. However, there are certain exceptions to this requirement for active-duty military personnel stationed out of state.

Technically, these are the only two requirements, but that does not mean any adult living within the state for the minimum amount of time will be granted an adoption request. Before an adoption takes place, there must also be a home study.

The home study is an important part of the process where the state determines if prospective parents have the financial means and emotional ability to provide for a child’s best interests.

Consent from the Biological Parents

Consent is also an important factor in adoption cases. The written consent of a child’s birth parents, or other legal parents, is necessary under most circumstances. A Hamilton County lawyer could help prospective parents obtain written consent to help through the adoption process.

There are no specific guidelines for when consent to adopt is obtained. Typically, prospective parents secure the written consent to adopt their child well before filing a petition for adoption with the courts, but consent could occur at any point during the process. It is not unusual for a biological parent to sign off on the written consent affidavit after being served with the petition to adopt.

Revoking Consent

It is also possible for birth parents to revoke their consent. The option is broad and available to the legal parents throughout the adoption process. In fact, a birth parent may revoke their written consent up until the court finalizes an adoption. While revocation at this point is simple, attempting to revoke consent after an adoption has been finalized is far more challenging.

Call a Hamilton County Adoption Attorney Today

If you are considering adoption, it could benefit you to speak with an attorney in the area before beginning the process. From drafting the petition to obtaining written consent, your legal counsel’s guidance could be invaluable.

Do not put a potential adoption at risk by taking on this challenge alone. To ensure you understand the unique challenges that can arise during the adoption process, reach out to a Hamilton County adoption lawyer right away.

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