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If you are a student facing charges of a criminal nature, you may feel frightened and uncertain how to best defend yourself against these allegations of wrongdoing. A Fort Oglethorpe student defense lawyer could represent your interests and safeguard your legal rights both in criminal court and at school disciplinary hearings.

With the assistance of a seasoned criminal attorney, it may be possible to lessen the severity and long-term impact of your charges. In some cases, an experienced lawyer may be able to get your charges dismissed altogether. A lawyer would work unceasingly to leverage the most advantageous solutions to fight for positive results in your case. An attorney could formulate the most efficacious strategies in pursuit of a favorable conclusion to your criminal case.

The Long-Term Consequences of a Student Conviction

Besides the penalties which may be dispensed by the ruling court, there are other serious long-term consequences that students may face if convicted of a criminal offense. Whether criminal proceedings are filed alongside school disciplinary actions or the student is arrested but is not charged by police, the student may suffer a wide range of personal ramifications.

Based on the facts of the case, a student may face academic probation or suspension. If the student is suspended or misses out on scholarship opportunities they would otherwise have been afforded if not for their charges and/or discipline by the school, they may find it challenging to gain acceptance into another academic institution.

Furthermore, getting accepted into future programs of study may also prove difficult. In some cases, the weight of a conviction can follow a student long after they finish their course of study and even impede their ability to seek specific types of employment.

Common Types of Charges Involved in Student Defense Cases

There are a wide variety of student charges that Fort Oglethorpe defense attorney may be able to assist with, including fake ID charges, drunk or drugged driving charges, assault, possession of controlled substances, careless driving, and drinking under the age of 21. In addition to the potentially grave ramifications on the student’s future academic life and career, students may face additional legal penalties if they are charged and convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crime. The exact penalties assessed would depend on the nature of the crime itself.

If, for example, a student is charged for using a fake ID, they could face either misdemeanor or felony penalties, depending on the circumstances of their charge. While a felony conviction could carry a period of confinement up to 10 years, a misdemeanor conviction would be accompanied by a year in jail at the most. Students could face further sanctions for using a fake ID, such as having their driver’s license suspended.

Another common type of student charge that a lawyer in Fort Oglethorpe may be able to handle is driving under the influence (DUI). If a driver is younger than 21 and driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) that meets or exceeds 0.02 percent, they could be charged with a DUI. The legal BAC limit for all other drivers is 0.08 percent. For the first conviction, penalties including up to one year in prison and a maximum $1,000 fine would apply, per Georgia Code § 40-6-391. The individual would also be subject to license penalties and community service requirements.

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When you are up against student charges, you need a staunch legal advocate in your corner who would have your best interests at heart. A Fort Oglethorpe student defense lawyer would work unflaggingly to launch a thorough defense on your behalf in an effort to diminish or eliminate the charges raised against you.

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