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The offense of extortion occurs when someone seeks or obtains something of value unlawfully by threat, bribe, or some other method of persuasion. The conditions under which an alleged offense takes place vary significantly, as do the penalties imposed for a conviction. Under certain circumstances, someone facing an extortion-related charge can offer a valid legal defense by maintaining that they were due the payoff they received, even if they received it for reasons unrelated to the means by which they secured it.

If you face an extortion charge, you may be uncertain as to the requirements such a charge entails and what defenses or excuses may apply in your case. Speaking with a Fort Oglethorpe extortion lawyer could help answer your questions and strengthen your case. Schedule a consultation with one of our trusted attorneys today to get started.

Federal Extortion Statutes

The federal criminal statutes 18 USC §871 and 880 prohibit various types of extortion. These include making threats by mail to the president or vice president, bribing someone to prevent them from informing, causing a federal public works employee to give up compensation to which they are entitled, and communicating threats of various sorts through interstate or foreign commerce. A conviction under any of these statutes brings a fine, a prison sentence, or both, with the length of a potential prison sentence depending on the offense and ranging from one to twenty years.

A federal charge for extortion may result in a substantial penalty as well as a record of conviction. Someone in Fort Oglethorpe could learn more about how to defend against such a charge by scheduling a consultation appointment with an extortion attorney.

Extortion Law in Fort Oglethorpe

  • 16 -8-16 and 45-11-5 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated define the offenses of extortion and theft by extortion. “Extortion” refers to someone using a public office unofficially to gain something of value. Conviction of misdemeanor extortion under this statute results in the officer’s dismissal from office, regardless of whether they or an agent participated directly in the transaction.

Theft by extortion involves unlawfully obtaining property by one of several types of threats, including threats to cause bodily injury, accuse another of a crime, spread information subjecting someone to contempt or an impaired reputation, take or not take action as a public official, or testify or not testify in a legal claim. A conviction of theft by extortion results in imprisonment for one to ten years. Someone charged with such an offense who seeks to avoid a guilty verdict or mitigate the penalty imposed for one could benefit from the advice of a Fort Oglethorpe extortion attorney.

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The technical aspects of extortion offenses, the parties involved, and the reason for payment or threat can seem complicated to someone unfamiliar with extortion law. A strong defense against a charge for extortion could be made by an attorney practiced in criminal law and familiar with federal and state extortion statutes.

The effects of a conviction for extortion can be damaging to one’s personal and professional reputation. If you face a charge for extortion or theft by extortion and need someone to help you sort out the legal elements of the charge and prepare an effective defense, you may find it useful and advantageous to speak with a Fort Oglethorpe Extortion lawyer about your case.

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