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Settling a claim after a motor vehicle collision might seem straightforward, but it can get complicated. You can avoid common pitfalls and get a more appropriate settlement if you retain a skilled personal injury attorney to manage your claim.

A Dalton car accident lawyer could investigate your crash, identify responsible parties, negotiate with their insurance companies, and take them to court if necessary. Working with an experienced legal professional allows you to focus on recovering from your injuries while they work to get you the maximum settlement possible.

The At-Fault Party Pays Damages

Georgia follows the traditional practice of holding the driver at fault in an accident responsible for the losses others suffered. In many cases, the police officer responding to a scene will name an at-fault driver in their crash report. Although this opinion is not binding, it carries weight with insurance companies.

Drivers in the state of Georgia must carry liability insurance coverage. The parties who suffer losses in a wreck submit their claims to the at-fault driver’s insurer.

If the driver has no insurance, an injured person could submit to their uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, if they have it. If not, a proactive Dalton car accident attorney could pursue the uninsured driver’s personal assets and seek other partially responsible parties who might have coverage.

Identifying the Parties Responsible for a Wreck

Although the police might identify an at-fault driver, auto collision are rarely caused by just one thing. More often, an accident is due to a combination of factors. Any party whose negligence contributed to a crash is potentially liable.

If the at-fault driver was working when the accident occurred, the employer could be liable for their employee’s negligence. When a mechanical problem contributes to a wreck, the manufacturer of the part that failed could have responsibility. A bar, restaurant, or social host could be liable for the injured party’s losses if a drunk driver caused the accident.

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 51-12-33 governs situations when an injured person is partially responsible for the incident that caused their injuries. The law allows an injured person with partial responsibility to collect reduced damages from other negligent parties.

Preserving a Claim After an Auto Collision

The chaos that follows a car wreck is confusing and upsetting, and maintaining a cool head is often challenging. However, car accident victims could increase the likelihood of receiving an appropriate settlement by avoiding a few common traps.

Say as Little as Possible

Talking about the accident with other involved drivers, witnesses, or even the police can result in inadvertent admissions. It is natural to want to discuss what happened with anyone else who was there, but it is best to restrain that impulse. If the police ask questions, answer them briefly but do not volunteer information. It is always appropriate to ask to get medical attention before answering questions.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

Immediate medical treatment is vital for several reasons, regardless of whether an injury seems serious. Most importantly, immediate medical care protects a crash survivor’s health. Some serious injuries might not cause symptoms until hours after the wreck. A doctor knows what to look for and can ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment.

The medical record generated soon after the collision provides conclusive proof tying an injury to an accident. The medical record will be critical evidence in a legal claim for damages.

Stay Off Social Media

Posting about a wreck or injury on social media might seem harmless, but anything a person posts will likely be used against them. It is best to take a social media break when recovering from a car accident.

Call a Seasoned Dalton Car Crash Attorney

Settlement negotiations often begin shortly after an accident and allowing a well-practiced car crash lawyer in Dalton to handle them is a wise strategy. Insurance companies are profit-making businesses, and they never settle claims out of generosity. They settle when an aggressive advocate forces them to offer a reasonable payout or go to court.

Work With a Diligent Dalton Car Accident Attorney on Your Claim

Do not try to settle an automobile crash claim without skilled legal representation. Insurance companies do not provide adequate settlements unless you fight for it.

A Dalton car accident lawyer has considerable experience handling motor vehicle collision lawsuits and achieving favorable outcomes for injured people. Call today to get a dedicated attorney fighting for you.

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