Common Truck Accident Injuries in Chattanooga

Countless commercial vehicles travel through and around Chattanooga on their trucking routes. Many of those trucks stop in the city to unload their deliveries, while others just pass through on their way to far-off locations. Unfortunately, the presence of many trucks inevitably leads to accidents, and some of them can cause catastrophic injuries and even fatalities.

If you recently suffered any common truck accident injuries in Chattanooga, you might be concerned about how you can pay for your medical treatments. Fortunately, a skilled tractor-trailer crash attorney might be able to help you obtain financial recovery through a personal injury claim. You could use the potential proceeds from this claim to help rebuild your life and move forward.

Reasons Behind Trucking Accidents in Chattanooga

Some of the crashes involving large commercial vehicles occur due to mistakes made by the truck driver, while others pertain to the trucks themselves.

Driver error accounts for many trucking crashes in the area, especially when the driver is inexperienced. The large size and weight of the vehicles make trucks harder to handle. Truck drivers should go through the proper training their employer provides, but they also need to obtain a commercial driver’s license before operating such a vehicle.

In addition to inexperience, truck drivers are at the same risk as other drivers. Distracted, speeding, drunk, and fatigued drivers all put themselves and others on the road at risk.

Problems with the Vehicle

Although many of the truck wrecks in the area are caused by driver error, problems with the vehicle can also cause serious injury. Trucks may crash because their parts were inherently defective or if the vehicle was not receiving proper service and maintenance. Under these circumstances, a seasoned local attorney could help an injured party determine the liable parties for their damages.

Common Injuries Caused by Trucking Wrecks

Trucks are considerably larger and heavier than most passenger vehicles. Consequently, when a large commercial vehicle crashes into a smaller commuter car, the car’s occupants often suffer severe injuries. Commonly, the injuries listed below follow trucking crashes in Chattanooga:

In some cases, drivers and their passengers also sustain injuries from the seatbelts and airbags. While some injuries appear immediately after a crash, others take time to appear, which is why it is critical to meet with a solid legal team as soon as possible after getting medical care to protect oneself.

Sadly, many people do not survive trucking crashes. If an individual lost a loved one in a semi-truck crash, a skilled legal representative could help hold the truck driver and trucking company responsible in a wrongful death claim.

Let an Attorney Experienced with Common Truck Accident Injuries in Chattanooga Assist You

The aftermath of a trucking crash can last for a long time. After a trucking crash, you may face a lengthy recovery and deserve compensation for the costs. If you are experiencing some of the common truck accident injuries in Chattanooga, you should meet with a lawyer to see how they can help. Call the office today to arrange a meeting with our hardworking and compassionate team.

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