Safety Measures Following Chattanooga Motorcycle Accidents

If you want to know about the different safety measures following Chattanooga motorcycle accidents that you should take, do not hesitate to speak with an experienced injury attorney who can offer you their insight based on years of practice. A dedicated lawyer can make a huge difference in one’s ability to recover injury compensation after an accident if they are made aware of the most important tools one can use to help prevent injuries.

Wearing a Helmet

One of the most important safety measures following Chattanooga motorcycle accidents involves wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet can help to minimize the injury someone sustains following any accident. A helmet will also help to minimize someone’s medical bills and the recovery time following a collision. It will help to ensure that a rider does not quickly find themselves over the liability coverages afforded by the third party and at-fault drivers.

The Role of Comparative Negligence

A helmet goes a long way in mitigating immense financial and physical risk. Conversely, not wearing a helmet will put someone instantly into a category where they are assigned a portion of fault due to their comparative negligence. If someone is not wearing a helmet, they are breaking the law. If they are breaking the law, juries will be less sympathetic to that individual as a plaintiff.

A jury will be more likely to find the party who did not wear a helmet responsible rather than a motorist who is predominantly responsible for the accident. If someone does not wear a helmet and he or she sustains those kinds of injuries, those injuries will most likely make up the bulk of their medical bills. If a jury finds the type of injury foreseeable, this can significantly harm someone’s ability to recover.

Riding Gear

Other important safety measures following Chattanooga motorcycle accidents involve always wearing proper riding equipment. This starts with a helmet, but also extends to wearing proper pants and shoes as well. Tough pants, whether denim or dock material, can help to shield someone’s legs from road rash. Many motorcyclists wear pants that are reinforced in the knees, rear, and hips to try to offer protection. Riding on a motorcycle offers no similar safety protections in the way that an automobile does. In this way, a rider can control the amount of body protection that they have on while riding.

Health Information

Motorcyclists in Chattanooga can benefit immensely by having their health insurance card on them at all times. Additionally, carrying a card that contains his or her bottle information such as blood type and any drug allergies can go a long way to notifying emergency medical personnel, doctors, and other first responders of vital information that could be life-saving after an accident.

If someone is unconscious or otherwise unable to respond, first responders only have minutes to decide regarding the administration of blood, antibiotics, or prescription medicines that can save a life. Having that information in an easily findable place like a person’s wallet can aid paramedics and EMT’s significantly as one of the safety measures following Chattanooga motorcycle accidents.

Video Footage

Having a video camera on one’s helmet or mounted on his or her bike will be very valuable in recording a verbatim point of view that police, attorneys, or insurance companies can refer to when determining what actually happened. Installing a camera and driving responsibly can go a long way towards insulating oneself from liability during an accident. This is one of the most valuable safety measures following Chattanooga motorcycle accidents.

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