Impact of Chattanooga Motorcycle Accident Injuries

While the impact of Chattanooga motorcycle accident injuries on one’s life can be serious, know that you do not have to face them alone. A professional injury attorney could work to get you the care you need in order to recover from your collision damages. Read on to learn more about what goes into the impact of Chattanooga motorcycle accident injuries, as well as the ways a dedicated lawyer could advocate for your compensation today.

Long-Term Consequences

Traumatic brain injuries often carry the greatest long-term impact of Chattanooga motorcycle accident injuries because of the brain’s importance to the body. It defines people’s thoughts and movements, and assists with essentially every function that makes someone human. A motorcycle accident involving a traumatic brain injury can lead to a life-changing care plan that requires an individual to completely reassess their routine and day-to-day activities. It could potentially require them to have around-the-clock care and assistance to perform basic tasks.

The impact of Chattanooga motorcycle accident injuries can also be clearly seen through damages to the nervous system. Spinal cord injuries following a motorcycle accident can lead to paralysis and the need for mobility assistance for an extended period of time, if not permanently. Significantly broken bones can lead to permanent disfigurement. That is why it is important to have the right help to ensure the protection a patient needs to cover such life-changing consequences following a motorcycle accident.

Injury Response Window

The response window is more critical in almost all circumstances of motorcycle accidents because of the absence of any material that can absorb an impact for the rider. Car accidents do not carry the same likelihood of catastrophic injury as an accident that involves one or more riders of a motorcycle because of the complete absence of safety systems on motorcycles. The key is to get the medical care they need as quickly as possible. Doctors know that motorcycle accidents are one of the most common reasons for significant emergency room visits.

When someone is injured in a motorcycle accident and transported to the emergency room, doctors are likely going to take care of them immediately. They know about the impact of Chattanooga motorcycle accident injuries on a rider’s life. They know that properly evaluating individuals who have been injured in these crashes are of the utmost importance, because of the potential latent injuries that might not be readily apparent on the surface.

Impacts of Bike Design

The open error design of a motorcycle does not afford a rider very much protection, if any, in an accident situation, whether it is a front impact, a side impact, or rear impact. The bike, unlike a car, will not act to protect them. In an automobile, there are seatbelts that restrain a passenger’s body from being ejected from a vehicle.

A car’s frame and body panels are designed to crunch and absorb crashes. Most often, the crash’s impact is fully absorbed by the rider and they are either ejected from the bike or pinned to the bike following an accident. This lack of protection between a rider and the other vehicle can heighten the impact of Chattanooga motorcycle accident injuries on an individual.

In order to learn more about the impact of Chattanooga motorcycle accident injuries, reach out to a professional injury attorney today for your initial consultation.

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