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Criminal conspiracy is often a charge added to other charges for the alleged commission of a crime. This additional allegation allows a prosecutor to bolster their case and gain a strategic advantage at trial. You may be able to build a stronger case by working with a dedicated Chattanooga conspiracy lawyer to prepare your defense and counter these accusations. An experienced local attorney could be the ally you need to build a strong case.

Understanding What Qualifies as Conspiracy

Conspiracy can be a difficult crime to understand. Tennessee law defines conspiracy as the act of two or more people entering into an agreement to commit a criminal act. Prosecutors are often able to link almost any crime to a conspiracy charge, but those charges that are generally associated with plotting include drug trafficking, theft, murder, economic crimes such as embezzlement, and concealing a crime.

The state must show more than just an agreement to prove conspiracy; it must also establish that concrete steps were taken to further the crime. A conviction does not require evidence of the commission of an actual crime, merely the intent and preliminary action of the parties to commit the offense.

A person accused of conspiracy in Chattanooga may be convicted even if the underlying crime never occurs. By even discussing and deciding on some small element of the future criminal enterprise, everybody involved may still be charged with criminal conspiracy in Chattanooga.

What Is at Stake

Although often an added allegation, those accused of conspiracy must take it as seriously as any other indictable offense – the consequences are real.  The penalties for a conspiracy conviction are tied to the associated crime and typically one classification lower. If the criminal act is a Class B felony, the conspiracy conviction would be punished as a Class C felony. In most cases, judges may impose prison time and significant fines.

The effects of a conspiracy conviction on someone living in Chattanooga go beyond a lengthy prison sentence and burdensome fines. As with any criminal conviction, it will follow that individual for the rest of their life and may impact future job opportunities, college admissions, and professional licensing.

Fighting Conspiracy Charges

When suspected of conspiracy in Chattanooga, the accused must establish a credible defense if they hope to preserve their future. The Tennessee criminal code recognizes certain affirmative defenses, including the complete renunciation of the scheme. Other defenses may focus on the lack of an agreement, absence of intent to enter into an agreement, improper investigation techniques, and police entrapment. Effective conspiracy counsel could help those accused of bribery in Chattanooga to establish a persuasive defense and counter prosecution tactics, such as using statements of co-conspirators against one another.

Defending Your Future

Do not jeopardize the rest of your life by taking conspiracy allegations lightly. Even if you never carried out the planned act, just taking steps toward committing a crime could see you incarcerated. Working with an experienced Chattanooga conspiracy lawyer may help you build a strong defense. Call us today to review your case.

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