Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce Process

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Social media is a big part of modern life, especially in relationships. Consequently, it is also part of many divorce proceedings. For instance, social media has been used as evidence in many dissolution cases. On average, a social media user spends roughly two and a half hours every day online. Social media can also significantly influence your divorce if you are not careful.

How Can Social Media Impact a Divorce?

There are many instances in which emails, text messages, online dating apps, and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have been used in divorce cases. Online dating apps have been used to establish proof of infidelity, while emails have revealed raises and promotions that the other spouse was unaware of.

Additionally, Facebook or Instagram photos have shown spouses’ reckless behavior while watching their children. In cases where social media has been used as evidence, the court system and legal representatives more simply set terms in the decree, such as marital asset division, child custody, child support, and alimony cases.

Using Social Media Responsibly in Your Relationship

Specific actions that appear to be collecting evidence may be illegal and detrimental to your divorce or custody case. Below are some useful tips to responsibly use social media while in a relationship or during a divorce:

  • Do not make negative remarks about the other party
  • Do not publish about the divorce until family, friends, and especially the children know it
  • To find evidence or keep track of a spouse’s locations, do not install spyware on their devices or log in to their social media or email accounts without their consent
  • Do not share photos of a new partner online or with the children

Parties should also avoid sharing photos, videos, or other images that show drinking, illegal substances, or anything else that could be used to prove the individual is an unsuitable parent.

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