Paying for Bankruptcy – Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Get Legal Help From a Chattanooga Bankruptcy Attorney.

Hope is a wonderful thing, but don’t let your optimism get in the way of being realistic about your financial situation. If you can read the tea leaves about where you are headed financially, you can make a plan that will help you get out from under most of your debt.  You have to start thinking defensively.

The first thing you need to do is schedule an initial consultation with a Chattanooga bankruptcy attorney.  We can help you prepare for the inevitable and give you the information you need to plan your next move. Answer our intake questions to schedule an appointment.

Most attorneys who do bankruptcy want a fixed payment upfront, but your cheap generic ambien Chattanooga bankruptcy attorneys stage your payments into two parts, so you pay less to get the process started, and the rest when you are ready for us to start working on the actual paperwork.

Stop Paying Bills That Can be Discharged in Bankruptcy.

It doesn’t make sense to keep paying these bills if you’re going to file for bankruptcy anyway.  The fees charged by bankruptcy attorneys must be reasonable, so if you make a sensible plan, you will be able to raise the money you need to pay your Chattanooga bankruptcy attorney in a very short time.  However, if you wait until your car has been repossessed, you are being evicted, or your house is in foreclosure, your attorney’s fees could be higher than if you’d made a plan.  Whether it’s medical or legal, emergencies usually cost more.

Don’t Touch Your Retirement Money (If You Have Any).

A recent article in Nerd Wallet explains that even though changes to the law due to the COVID-19 virus allow you to withdraw money from a retirement account without penalty, you still have to pay that money back sometime.

Do Ask for Help, But DON’T Borrow Money

Loans and gifts from family and friends have to be disclosed in bankruptcy, so use caution.  Your Chattanooga bankruptcy attorneys do allow third parties to pay on behalf of our clients, as long as they understand that we can’t disclose your confidential details to them or allow them to affect our decisions on how to manage your case. Of course, because you are discharging your debt, you should never use a credit card or bank loan to pay for attorney’s fees for bankruptcy. Call right away to get started.

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