Advice for People Looking to Move on After a Divorce


Moving forward with your life after a divorce is easier said than done. Many people struggle with lingering feelings toward their ex following a split—sometimes feelings of love, sometimes of hate, and more than often, a mix of the two. Some people try to distract themselves by quickly jumping into a relationship with someone new, while others fixate on their ex in an unhealthy manner.

Our team of experienced divorce attorneys have seen it all. Below are some of our best pieces of advice for people looking to move on after a divorce.

Live Well

Living well is the best revenge. Get rid of that chip on your shoulder about what an awful person your ex-spouse was and move on. Nothing good will come of dwelling on the past and holding on to bitter feelings toward your ex. Go live your life and live it well.

Practice the Three Ps


Take your time before beginning a new romantic relationship. Rebounding from one person to another is a recipe for disaster. Once you do find someone else, take your time getting to know them. Enjoy the dating phase of your relationship before immediately jumping into another marriage.


If you and your new partner decide you want to get married, strongly consider drafting a prenuptial marriage agreement this time around, especially if you did not have one in your first marriage. This kind of document allows you to protect your property and reduce risks of major loss should the marriage end in another divorce.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is an extremely valuable tool for any couple considering a lifelong commitment, and especially for those who are remarrying. The likelihood of divorce for those who remarry is high, in fact, it is significantly more likely than those marrying for the first time. A professional counselor can help you and your partner work through any areas of conflict and ensure that you are set up for success as you enter your new marriage.

Reach Out to a Dedicated Attorney to Learn More

If you recently went through a messy divorce, taking the necessary steps to move forward with your life can be difficult. It is easy to jump into a new relationship and make the same mistakes over and over again. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to this self-destructive cycle. Contact a seasoned lawyer at our firm for help getting your life on back on track.

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